Loyalty: More Money; More Customers; More Sales – 13 Ways to make a massive difference!

Loyalty Card Scheme will increases engagement

Customer Loyalty using your smartphone
Uptake in customer engagement

In the hundreds of conversations that we have had with small business owners like you, we have identified challenges that in one way or another are faced by your business. Not every small business faces all these challenges at the same time or at the same level of intensity. Implementing a Loyalty Card Scheme whichever point of sale system they are using is a sure way to move the needle in the right direction.

Integrate with EPOS Now in the bricks and mortar world or Shopify or WooCommerce in the online space or simply implement a stand alone program. The choice is yours.

We have listed below the ways that running a Loyalty Program will help your business:

  1. be more profitable!
  2. attract more customers!
  3. stand out from the crowd!
  4. turn quiet time into incremental revenue!

Implementing and running a Loyalty Program will bring major benefits to your business.

Example of a Digital Loyalty Pass
Digital Loyalty Membership Card

1. Increased visits

The more often you can encourage your customer to come into your business the more opportunities your customer has to make a purchase. On average active members of your Loyalty Scheme will visit your business more frequently then non-members of your Loyalty Program.  The more profitable your business will be.

2. Spend more money on each visit

A guiding principal of Loyalty Programs worldwide is that the Loyalty Member will spend a little more than your average customer on each visit. Your customer will calculates the extra benefits that he receives from collecting points.  A small increase in average spend multiplied by your customer base translates into higher profits for your business.

3. Collect Points to Spend More

Your customers will collect points to unlock the rewards that you create.  You can create separate tiers so that your customer can work his way up the different tiers to unlock more rewards the more points that she collects.  More spending, more points collecting. More profits for your business.

4. Encourage Customers to aspire to higher rewards

First have several offers that are easy and simple for your customer to unlock.  As you build your Loyalty program your customer will learn to collect points to reach the higher rewards which means that the customer will need to spend more money in your business to achieve these rewards.

5. Customer referral

We all love to be loyal

Word of mouth has always been the best way to acquire new customers.  How would you like to do that virally!  With LoyaltyDog, customer referral is easy and effective.  With an easy flip of the Loyalty Pass each loyalty member can invite all his social media contacts to your program at the click of a link from his mobile phone.  All you need to do is to ask your members to share their good fortune. 

6. Your Loyalty Program acts as a beacon to attract new customers

Customers like to frequent businesses that reward them.  You can use your Loyalty program and the attractive benefits of being a member as an incentive for a new customer to get to know you. After that it’s up to you to show how good you are!

7. Create competitive edge with your Loyalty Program

Winning can be fun too

A Loyalty Program gives your customers an additional reason to choose your business. You can help by delivering a program that you know provides value to your customers.  Over three quarters of customers prefer to frequent businesses that run rewards programs.

8. Be relevant with an up to date Smartphone program

Millennial’s aside, the smartphone is where everyone whatever their age, spends a huge amount of time.  Your business will join the mainstream with the launch of your Loyalty program.  Send offers to the customers phone.  Store the Loyalty Pass in their smartphone wallet. 

9. Dedicated Loyalty Program illuminating your brand

Loyalty is about your business developing longer lasting relationships with your customer.  By rewarding them on their first transaction you can encourage them to visit again.  LoyaltyDog is a dedicated single business program. Promote your brand and your brand alone.  Create the image that you want to reflect.

10. Your Loyalty program is the difference that makes a difference

Customer service, product fit and competitive pricing are the foundation of your business and is a huge part of what distinguishes your business from others, add to that your offering of a smartphone based Loyalty program that presents rewards to your customers and you have the difference that makes the difference!

11. Forward plan with offers for known quiet periods

Plan for the future

Business is never totally predictable.  In general, you know that there are some days or periods that are quieter than others.   You will want to create offers that pull in your customer at these quite times.  Forward planning of rewards that are available at set times will go a long way towards this goal.

12. Create special promotions and offers on the fly

Even if you have not planned for it you can create offers on the fly that meet the requirements that come up on the spur of the moment. Set offers to be available at a certain date and at a certain time.

13. Deliver footfall with push notifications to customers smartphone

Imagine that its unexpectedly quiet, you want more people to come in, so you set and send a notification to all your Loyalty Members.  The notification arrives on the smartphone lock screen where messages are instantly read. Invite your customers visit you on the spur of the moment

To find out more about how to choose and implement an up to date Loyalty program that will not break the bank get in touch with Lee Bernstein at [email protected]

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