It was the best of times it was the worst of times….

Three simple steps to get your Loyalty Program buzzing again. TODAY!

Long term goals and planning are important in any business and especially in all our Marketing activity.  We need to be able to create clear and unambiguous messaging for our customers, we need to be able to identify and target our customers and the list continues.  Once completed all of these areas need to be revisited and recalibrated.  But right now, we are all faced with a different imperative.  We are coming out of a long period of reduced or no activity or we have been extremely focused on pivoting our operation online or enhancing delivery – In short dealing with the crisis in the best way possible.

So, while long term goals and planning are super important right now today if you have to act. 

Here is what you can do today.  

1 Act Now

First and as I am not an expert in matters of health regulation worldwide you must make sure that you comply to the full letter of the local regulations, and once you comply fully as you understand the rules you need to tell everyone that you are 100% compliant with those rules.  Do not be timid in this area.  Your customers want to know that you have their health interests at heart whatever the local regime is in your area of business and location.

2 Run a Promotion

Not a desperate fire sale promotion.  Go back over your historical sales data, not you don’t need to do a doctorate on this, and see what items are most usually purchased together by many customers. You should end up with two or three combinations of items and then you can run promotions on these items knowing that they are attractive to your customers.  Again, keep it short and sweet.  Let your customers know what they can get and make this time bound.

3 Renew Contact

If you have a contact list or a customers list, and if you run a Loyalty Program you do, commit to sending an update to your customers about what promotions your are planning to run in the coming months, share a little of your story from the past few months.  Everyone understands that things have been moving slowly.  In short keep people informed and give them a reason to re-engage with your business.

What other measures have you taken?  What else has worked for your business?

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