Woocommerce: WordPress Plugin

Woocommerce Loyalty

Manager Portal Access

Have complete control to the Manager Portal of the loyalty program from within the WordPress admin back-end.

Customers are Key

Your customers are able to participate fully in the loyalty program whether on location or via ecommerce.

Mobile Engagement

LoyaltyDog is the only loyalty program available for WordPress that offers full customer mobile engagement.

Social Growth

LoyaltyDog’s point reward system can add points to customers who bring their friends into your program.

On-Premise LoyaltyDog or On-Line with
LoyaltyDog is the only loyalty solution (aka Points and Rewards) that fully supports both on-premise and on-line shopping in the same program. Your customers can earn points and valuable rewards regardless of the method of shopping. And now with LoyaltyDog’s WordPress plugin, we now support the CRM that powers over 25% of the entire internet and supports one of the most popular ecommerce platforms: Woocommerce.
online shopping
Do you sell via ecommerce only?
LoyaltyDog can offer you the most advanced digital mobile engagement loyalty program for online shopping. Your store is online, but your customers are real people with smartphones constantly in their hands. Capture these critical “mobile moments” that will increase your sales and profits with LoyaltyDog’s advanced loyalty program.
Full LoyaltyDog Support
There is full support for all LoyaltyDog features available for online shoppers. The only requirement is that they use the same email address for their loyalty program as they do with their online ecommerce account. Click on the “Learn More” button below to find out all LoyaltyDog program features.
Woocommerce Support
LoyaltyDog has full Woocommerce support which means that your customers earn points whether they buy in-store or online.

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