The Magic of Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement should be more than a buzzword. At LoyaltyDog, we take mobile engagement very seriously. Keeping your customers engaged is key to your core business.
It’s been repeated often that keeping existing customers is a lot cheaper than acquiring new customers. That’s the primary benefit from any loyalty mechanism. The problem is that many loyalty programs just don’t properly engage customers and thus are not effective at loyalty.

Mobile Engagement

Traditional plastic/paper cards just can’t possibly engage customers as smartphone-based loyalty programs. It’s been shown that over 90% of mobile notifications are read within the first 3 minutes of receiving them. Compare that with email campaigns where most go into SPAM folders or are just quickly deleted without reading.
“At LoyaltyDog, we take mobile engagement very seriously.”
And while other smartphone based loyalty apps do provide for some method of push notifications, they apps must carefully control which notifications go to which users and how often. If a loyalty app is already crowded with businesses, it can’t possibly allow for all businesses to do their own broadcasting when they want to and as often as they want to.
LoyaltyDog is different. It’s your very own loyalty program and you have complete control over the engagement. You control when messages are sent and how often. This increases engagement to a maximum for the business using LoyaltyDog.
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