Flex during Quiet Periods

Push Notifications

  • Push notifications appear on the smartphone screen.
  • You can get your message to your customer when it counts.
  • Drum up traffic when you are unexpectedly quiet.
  • Send messages instantly to all your customers.

Time-based Offers

  • No need to worry about closing dates of offers anymore.
  • Set and forget.
  • Offers will automatically disappear at the closing date and time.
  • No more offers left hanging.
  • Your customer will only see and have access to the offers you determine.
  • You can target the best time for your business to honor rewards.
  • You can easily remove offers from the system that are no longer required or desired.

Scheduled Offers

  • Planning for promotions?
  • Have a special reason to celebrate your business?
  • Create a series of offers and schedule them to go live at a pre appointed time.
  • Never forget to set up an offer for a special occasion again.
  • The offer will appear at the set time and date.
  • It will be removed automatically according to the parameters set.

Per Customer and Total Availability Restrictions

  • Set your own limits
  • You can set offers to one-time use.
  • Set offers for multiple uses.
  • Set the total number of times an offer can be used across the Loyalty Club Membership.
  • Create a sense of urgency by combining start dates, end dates and number of uses.
  • As flexible as your imagination.

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