LoyaltyDog - the Best Loyalty App for Shopify Users

Turn browsers into repeat buyers!

Offer your customers an exciting loyalty rewards program, keeping them engaged while boosting your sales and profits.

LoyaltyDog is designed to work seamlessly with Shopify-powered sites, making it the obvious Shopify loyalty program for you!

Shopify Loyalty

Increase Profits

Entice customers to visit your site more often and spend more money

Get More Customers

Reward existing customers for recommending your store to friends

Stand Out From the Crowd

Apply your own branding to be easily recognizable to your customers

Generate Traffic 24/7

Use automated push notifications and time-based offers to reach customers any time

Over 75% of customers prefer to shop at a business that offers incentives and rewards.

Choose your rewards program

Shopify Point Scheme

Flexible program in which you can create multiple tiers of rewards and multiple rewards for each tier. You decide how customers earn points (i.e. based on a cash amount spent, number of purchases, etc.), how many points are needed to get to the next tier, and how to exchange points for rewards.

The best Shopify loyalty program for your customers
  • Detailed activity history enables personalized suggestions and rewards
  • Gamified loyalty program makes earning points fun
  • Connects directly to e-wallets with no need to download additional apps
Best Shopify Loyalty App
The Shopify loyalty program that is easiest to use
  • Automatically reward best customers with additional points
  • Send push notifications directly to customers’ lock screens
  • Create special promotions and communicate directly with customers
Get the results you want to boost sales increase customer loyalty
  • Identify buying trends and customer behaviors to drive your marketing decisions 
  • Branded Loyalty Pass stored directly in customers’ smartphone wallets 
  • Use time-bound and limited offers to drive traffic and create demand

Build an unbreakable bond with your customers with LoyaltyDog - the digital loyalty and rewards program that gives customers reasons to keep coming back for more!

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