Acquire More Customers

Customer Referral

  • Generate word of mouth referrals from existing members of your Loyalty and Reward Scheme.
  • Your current members of the Digital Loyalty Program are your brand ambassadors.
  • With two clicks he can invite all his social media pals to become your customers.
  • Track who is referring the most customers.
  • Incentivise your referral kings and the rest of your membership to bring you new customers.

Digital Loyalty Card

  • Does not require an additional App, just download into the Wallet on your customers’s smartphone.
  • Hassle free for your customer.
  • Never gets lost.
  • Always available.
  • Easy access to rewards and incentives.
  • The Loyalty Pass will be updated 24/7 so your customer is always up to date.
  • Messages sent appear on the smartphone lock screen.

New Customers

  • Your Digital Loyalty Program will act as a beacon to attract new customers.
  • Easy to join up using branded QR Code at your location.
  • Over 75% of customers like to shop with a business that offers an incentive and reward program.

Saving Money

  • We all like saving money, even you right?
  • Your customer will be delighted with the opportunity to save at his favourite location.
  • Your loyalty member will collect points.
  • Your loyalty member will unlock special offers.
  • It’s a Win-Win: Each time your loyalty member will spend money and earn points.

Shared Vision

  • The mobile economy is here, and its here to stay.
  • Get on board in three easy steps.
  • Sign up, Set up and Launch.
  • Your customers will applaud your vision to embrace the smartphone.
  • They are using theirs for nearly all their transactions, now they will use it at you location too.

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