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One of LoyaltyDog’s major distinctions from other loyalty apps is the leveraging of the mobile wallet in place of a full fledge downloadable mobile app.

Of course this means that LoyaltyDog is dependent on mobile wallet adoption and usage. The wallet is built into every iPhone and freely available for all Android users.

Often trends in mobile usage not only follow patterns over time, but often other markets (i.e. countries). The main point of this short article is to point out mobile wallet adoption and usage by country for 2016.

Mobile Wallet usage by Country

This statistic shows the mobile wallet usage reach among mobile shoppers worldwide as of August 2016, sorted by country. During the survey period, 47 percent of respondents from China stated that they had paid for products or services they had purchased via tablet or smartphone by mobile wallet. [source:]

The graph does not take into account market sizes. For example, the huge Chinese market is many times the size of other markets and also has the largest adoption of mobile wallet usage in terms of percentage of the population. Together with Japan, we can see that the leading markets are Asia and also parts of Western Europe.

The US market, while currently below the average, has been rising and is expected to continue rising in the upcoming years.


The statistics are also bolstered by other trends that show increased resistance to downloading applications by users (with the exception the of giant ubiquitous apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and a handful of others. Clearly the trend is that a mobile wallet will become an increasingly core applications to smartphone usage of consumers.

“One of LoyaltyDog’s major distinctions… is the leveraging of the mobile wallet…”

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